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Tag: psychology

Anna Freud On Defence Mechanisms

Sigmund had an accomplished daughter, Anna Freud. A psychoanalyst in her own right she clarified some of the more peculiar mechanisms of the mind; how we cope and lie to ourselves and how the energy of our thoughts are misplaced or misdirected. For someone that is undeservedly forgotten outside of academia or the minds of… [Read more]

How To Tackle Depression: Research Insights

Every kind of depression is a combination of brain chemicals and environment. Major predictors for depression are bad habits which build up into a worse depression: isolative tendencies, bad sleep, apathy, toxic relationships, drug use that damages neurochemistry, and brutal fatalistic self-image. Some depressions, like bipolar, are chemical imbalances inherent to the brain, but even… [Read more]

9 Steps To Happier: Social Science Insights

A typical post about happiness. Happiness is over-esteemed, yet like everyone in my culture I still research the heck out it. Everyone wants happiness. Despite meaning and fulfilment and pleasure being distinct ideas, and often requiring the opposite of happiness – I wanted to know how to be happier. These are four ways. Happiness is… [Read more]

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