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The London Science Museum, Cosmonauts, and Russians Making History

Introduction: An Alternative History Under scrutiny from Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, the leader of the USSR space program, the Soviets landed the first probe on the moon in 1966. Soon after, in 1968, Korolev applied his innovative approach to space technology to sacrifice a rocket launch to static test the N1 rocket. Thus the Soviets famously… [Read more]

Spotify Playlist of Songs Picked by The Beatles

The Beatles are the most covered and best-selling band who transformed the world in a way music never had or has since changed–from the cool boy band adored by girls and envied by boys, media globalisation, dual and reverse tracking, and the most diverse genres from rock n’ roll, ballad, sitar, psychedelia and folk; they… [Read more]

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