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Tag: Culture

Why Arts and Humanites Matter

As explored in The Point of Art, the Arts and Humanities matter because each human culture naturally values its creations, art objects, and its procreations, people. To explain it so simply is considered dubious, only because we are taught to suspect that intuition, pleasure, and the nonargumentative are inadequate, if not somehow nonsensical or nontruthful…. [Read more]

The Point of Art

Art is useful otherwise it would not be made and enjoyed. Yet it is not as useful as Science, since the products of Science are used by everyone: no one questions a car, a smartphone or a computer because they are socially conditioned into a necessity. One of the distinctive qualities of art is that… [Read more]

Why Your Clothes Don’t Reveal Who You Are

In following fashion one never catches it. Fashion is part of luxury goods consumerism that sells style as defining of identity, which feeds off the need for social validation and belonging. Fashion marketing tricks people to mistake clothes and accessories for self-worth. Clothes are necessary and aesthetic clothes are, no doubt, appealing – but the… [Read more]

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