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8 Proven Ways To Sleep Better

Sleep is complex. Our brains are never fully awake or asleep, instead, its assorted parts are dampened or firing always. So when you feel like you are asleep, you actually are in a way; and at different times dreams and reality can converge, for instance in the memory of a dream which feels real or… [Read more]

Is Anthropology Ethnocentric?

When the few colonial subjects of India, Africa, and the Caribbean went to British Empire London they found a world foreign and barbaric. These English people placed a magical belief in an old woman who was their demigod, paper and shiny coins were imbued with the ability to command; these peoples kept a popular delusion,… [Read more]

Was Renaissance Art Pornographic?

To call art pornographic is taboo. To call any renaissance art pornographic is especially taboo because its era has the most prestige. People worldwide respect renaissance artists. And for centuries people have separated the ‘artistic’ and the ‘impressive’ from the ‘common’ and ‘vulgar’, with The Renaissance examples embodying the artistic, impressive and sublime. Even the… [Read more]

How To Be An Optimist

Would you rather have an optimistic doctor? Good question. You’d rather they had reason to be optimistic. If, by optimistic you mean they think everything will work out fine without consulting objective evidence, then no. Would you want an optimistic soldier? If they think the campaign is going swimmingly so reframe their situation as fine… [Read more]

Yes, Aliens Are Real

At one point in time to speak of different lands and of different beings across the water of The Earth was to be considered mad. If you spoke of inevitable continents and diverse creatures within reach of possible powerful ships, you would be deemed a time-waster. After all, if different creatures and continents did exist… [Read more]

The Rise of Mindfulness Software

‘MINDFULNESS’ and ‘software’ are words rarely found together, yet smartphone applications designed for mindfulness proliferate. Computers and their software, fashionably shunned as the root of our distraction problem—our mindlessness—have been turned to its treatment. Satisfying an overbearing user-demand to help control and regulate our attention, applications like Headspace are making headway popularly and financially. With… [Read more]

On Metaphor, Sugar, Baby, Daddy, and Terms of Endearment

What do baby, daddy and other terms of relation or endearment mean? Daddy, baby, sugar, sweet, honey, sweetheart, darling, precious are poetic. These are terms of endearment. They do not mean father, baby child, pleasurable substances for your taste receptors, or an object you covet and may hide, in any literal sense. But they happen… [Read more]

The Fake Science of Extrovert or Introvert

We love friends, family, and lovers yet some of us find company oppressive. The chit-chat drain of entertaining others, and maintaining banter and good-humour by giving out smiles and laughs and obeying the law that you must make noises with the mouth in response to other noises to relieve the silence, is inessential and a… [Read more]

Why Sport Is Always Unfair

Gattaca came out in 1997. It is a movie about eugenics. The name Gattaca is a remixed word of the D.N.A bases guanine, adenine, thymine and cytosine. The main character, Vincent, is born naturally, lacking the (by-then) routine personality editing all babies undergo. He struggles to compete in society because he needs contact lenses, and… [Read more]

How To Predict A Lasting Marriage

Relationships are most important. The rest of life, work and your self-study or self-play, serves your relationships. What you are is the product of what your attention has been trained onto through your life; who you are is the product of who you spend your time with. Neuroscience has confirmed that: your brain learns how… [Read more]

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