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Loneliness Causes Mental Illness

Diagnoses of depression and anxiety are disturbingly high and it is not merely due to more precise diagnosis: it occurs internationally, even in cultures as different as China. The causes are multiple but social media and technology are blatantly involved: loneliness makes us depressive, anxious and more likely to die than smoking or obesity or… [Read more]

The Danger of Ted Talks

Speeches are wonderfully engaging, in a way written words rarely are. Video content is memorable, massively consumed and shared because it is effortless to take-in a speech by an academic or celebrity about an issue–they keep it interesting, dumb it down, make it worthwhile. Aristotle who wrote The Books (mostly as lectures, which Ted talks… [Read more]

The Trouble With Democracy

Democracy has changed the world. But by no means is Democracy a finished product in democratic nations, but an incessant process. For instance, recently there is huge debate on Free Speech as saying what you want versus saying what is deemed appropriate or polite by the majority. The first wins out as democratic: In more… [Read more]

How To Solve The War On Drugs

Experiments by Michigan Professor of neuroscience and psychology Kent Berridge, among other neuroscientists, shows that rats follow programmed behaviour when catering to an addiction, drinking cocaine because of want, not pleasure. It is not pleasurable choice: they do it till death. Similarly, humans with pleasure electrodes do not enjoy or feel pleasure but compulsion. The… [Read more]

The Need For Bias

A recurrent phrase on and off line is: “you cannot trust the media: it’s biased!”. A phrase unwittingly similar to Junior George Bush’s mistrust of newsprint, when he said he only read headlines because newspapers “give opinions”. (Fake news and the conflation of lies and biases is not new with Trump). The belief that there… [Read more]

Neoclassical economics

How Economic Theory Hurts Us

Economics in The West and UK is dominantly neoclassical. Other schools of economics are ignored to such a degree that they are comparably unknown to the voting public – who too often generalise economics as merely The City and services because that is their exposure. Economic alternatives are rare even among education courses – often… [Read more]

Why Arts and Humanites Matter

As explored in The Point of Art, the Arts and Humanities matter because each human culture naturally values its creations, art objects, and its procreations, people. To explain it so simply is considered dubious, only because we are taught to suspect that intuition, pleasure, and the nonargumentative are inadequate, if not somehow nonsensical or nontruthful…. [Read more]

Why Politicans Have To Be Bad

It is funny, really, if one thinks about it, that everyone seems to be subtly political (that is, ‘apolitical’) or strongly opinionated. Citizens that are not politicians judge politician performance whereas philosophers, economists, mathematicians are immune. You would not get common complaints that a philosopher, economist, or mathematician is doing their job wrong – because… [Read more]

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