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Why Sport Is Always Unfair

Gattaca came out in 1997. It is a movie about eugenics. The name Gattaca is a remixed word of the D.N.A bases guanine, adenine, thymine and cytosine. The main character, Vincent, is born naturally, lacking the (by-then) routine personality editing all babies undergo. He struggles to compete in society because he needs contact lenses, and… [Read more]

Science Is Fallible According To Science

Politics and economics are sometimes called ‘social science’ or ‘political science’ by higher education institutions even, but as the economist and, World Bank Adviser, Ha-Joon Chang says, the rules of these are value-judgments mostly based on precedent. The value of screen digits, for example, which can be deleted or bills that can be burned does… [Read more]

Why Self Help Is Self Sabotage

Time again we hear how scientific research has revealed ways we can be healthier, productive, happier, energetic, attractive, successful. Though in such appeals to make our lives better we implicitly admit our lives are inadequate as they are. In such appeals we create a long-term search and formulate goals to find solutions to many problems;… [Read more]

Is The World Getting Better? Do We Need An Enlightenment Now?

There are more slaves than there ever has been therefore the world is worse than it ever has been. That is my parodic example of oversimple and overgeneral Pinker-logic. Wasn’t it Albert Einstein that once said “not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Actually, it was the… [Read more]

The Real Robot Takeover: The Singularity

The Singularity is the exciting term for when artificial intelligence rivals human intelligence. It is used in dystopian fictions time again as a source of entertainment, but it is a possible, many argue a probable, reality. Indeed, the most basic artificial intelligence runs the online web and stock markets. The development of more intelligent artificial… [Read more]

How Do We ‘Succeed’?

Failure and success both imply personal responsibility. People call other people success or failures and worse still people call themselves failures or successes by comparison to others. This is partly a marketing issue: the examples that media parade and are celebrated by our nearby humans are, by nature, exceptions; outliers of the statistical norms. The… [Read more]

Questioning The News

There is perhaps no topic able to demand respect and attention as much as The News. The cheapness of printing by the 1800s allowed for daily news released at different hours – some morning, afternoon, evening posts, depending on the jurisdiction. In 1804 it was most famously The Times, with its printing press able to… [Read more]

Why Socialism: Robots Stealing Jobs

As machines outperform their human counterparts and take their jobs unemployment will rise to such an extent that solutions, like universal basic income or universal basic services, will become a necessity. In Roald Dahl’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Charlie’s father loses his job to a toothpaste machine but happily becomes the engineer to fix… [Read more]

Post Truth Reading

Post-truth scares me. The arguments that there is an after-point where truth and validity are not considered primary just seem like self-refutation, even nonsense. Of course the fragility of our knowledge and lack of objectivity for how the world works is important to know: there is no right way of doing things by default, but… [Read more]

The Debated Future of Books

Reputable broadsheet newspapers, like The Guardian, headline articles time again on why books are dying, how ebooks are taking over, and how books are not dying, how ebooks are not taking over – but fewer on how not enough reading is actually done. In reality, there is quite a lot of reading going on, reading… [Read more]

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