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Category: Music

Everyone Should Sing

Sing, sing, sing all you want. We each grow up patterned by circumstance: each of us learned, not at one point but, at successive subtle points that there are singers and then there are listeners. Most of us are the listeners. Yet this listener and singer arrangement is abnormal, rare with all societies ever taken… [Read more]

The Neuroscience of Music

Following on from my post about the oldest song in History, I have mined This Is Your Brain On Music by the cognitive neuroscientist, music producer and musician Daniel J. Levitin. I have made a playlist of all the relevant songs he uses which can be listened to for free here. I made it because… [Read more]

Albums Chosen by David Bowie

In a fascinating piece from Vanity Fair of 2003 David Bowie wrote out his favourite album selections from his collection of some 2500 vinyl. They are: THE LAST POETS THE LAST POETS (1970, Douglas) SHIPBUILDING ROBERT WYATT (1982, Rough Trade) THE FABULOUS LITTLE RICHARD LITTLE RICHARD (1959, Specialty) MUSIC FOR 18 MUSICIANS STEVE REICH (1978,… [Read more]

David Bowie’s Favourite Books

Fans of David Bowie think of the musician, but as he admitted in infamous, often Playboy, interviews he never considered himself a musician as much as an artist, entertainer, actor. What made him great was collaboration (Mick Ronson, Nile Rodgers, Brian Eno, Earl Slick) and his lyricism, his ever-pushing desire to be new. His songwriting… [Read more]

Spotify Playlist of Songs Picked by The Beatles

The Beatles are the most covered and best-selling band who transformed the world in a way music never had or has since changed–from the cool boy band adored by girls and envied by boys, media globalisation, dual and reverse tracking, and the most diverse genres from rock n’ roll, ballad, sitar, psychedelia and folk; they… [Read more]

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