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Category: Literature

Why Read Literary Fiction?

“I know more than I can express in words and the little I can express would not have been expressed had I not known more.” Vladimir Nabokov, Strong Opinions The reading age of an average adult in the UK is 13. The UK Literacy Trust says so. That’s the competence of a year nine, a… [Read more]

Words and Love

Eros is passionate romantic love which is termed as a suffering form of madness, ‘divine madness’ by Socrates. Cupid causes people to fall in love despite their will and sometimes their best interests, hence Cupid is often depicted as blindfolded, which has extended into modern idioms like ‘love is blind’. Philia is friendship and goodwill… [Read more]

The Secrets To Great Writing

These are techniques that can help you write better. These techniques have become secret to most because the study of rhetoric has recently been shunned because of the misconception upheld by educational fashion that it decorates what ought, somehow, to be plain and ‘natural’–ironic given the consensus that form and content are in practice inseparable…. [Read more]

Why You Should Read Comics

Comics have less prestige than writing, film, or the fine arts; even the word ‘art’ conjoined to ‘comics’ is often perceived as misnomer. Whereas animation and illustration are prestigious, because they offer familiar job titles, and graphic artist because it invokes a dedication to visual beauty, the comic artist is condescended. This is due to… [Read more]

The Debated Future of Books

Reputable broadsheet newspapers, like The Guardian, headline articles time again on why books are dying, how ebooks are taking over, and how books are not dying, how ebooks are not taking over – but fewer on how not enough reading is actually done. In reality, there is quite a lot of reading going on, reading… [Read more]

David Bowie’s Favourite Books

Fans of David Bowie think of the musician, but as he admitted in infamous, often Playboy, interviews he never considered himself a musician as much as an artist, entertainer, actor. What made him great was collaboration (Mick Ronson, Nile Rodgers, Brian Eno, Earl Slick) and his lyricism, his ever-pushing desire to be new. His songwriting… [Read more]

Writers Nabokov Read

What made the great writer? “By the age of 14 or 15 I had read or re-read all Tolstoy in Russian, all Shakespeare in English, and all Flaubert in French”. A scholar, lecturer, butterfly scientist, novelist, poet, short story writer, trilingual translator of French, Russian, English, chess problem solver, Cambridge goalie, that went from his… [Read more]

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