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The Fake Science of Extrovert or Introvert

We love friends, family, and lovers yet some of us find company oppressive. The chit-chat drain of entertaining others, and maintaining banter and good-humour by giving out smiles and laughs and obeying the law that you must make noises with the mouth in response to other noises to relieve the silence, is inessential and a… [Read more]

How To Predict A Lasting Marriage

Relationships are most important. The rest of life, work and your self-study or self-play, serves your relationships. What you are is the product of what your attention has been trained onto through your life; who you are is the product of who you spend your time with. Neuroscience has confirmed that: your brain learns how… [Read more]

These Are Your Cognitive Biases

Glasses, for this is what, metaphorically, a book like this is: a way of viewing the world more accurately. Thinking, Fast and Slow is among the best nonfiction books. But it is a classic by the Mark Twain definition: a book everyone wants to have read, and no one wants to read. It is rewarding… [Read more]

Pleasure Videos and ASMR

The first time you felt the tingles, you never thought it was strange. At the time, tingles to you just meant some pleasant albeit peculiar sensation related to puberty. You had asked before if others felt hormones going up and down their legs, or as most often happens, down the cranium to the shins in… [Read more]

Why Are Franchises So Popular?

Marvel and D.C movies have become compulsory entertainment for young audiences, which can give a false impression that superhero films are new. They are far from it; the first superhero film, Batman, was in 1943. For still two years after its release the second world war raged. The conversion of comic book hero to screen… [Read more]

14 Reasons To Leave The Internet

Live a year without the internet. Is that even possible, now? As happy as we are to speak of freedom, for you the idea of freeing yourself from your tendril of the world wide web, your phone, or your learned self-ambitions is no idea at all — no ‘choice’ at all. This is because, most often, people… [Read more]

Sex, Hate Speech & Big Data

Women search for how to please their male partners far more than men research how to please women. Perhaps showing that most men are ignorantly overconfident or naive to the possibilities or women are better off than rumour and women magazines make out. The former is correct, given the advent of pornography, women report having… [Read more]

How To Slow Perceived Time

There are two times, there is the chronological time that eats away at our world and bodies, changing its form as entropy works its magic, and there is the psychological time that jumps back and forward through chronological time, forgetting the majority of chronology for the most salient memories—which change every time they are remembered;… [Read more]

Is This The Best Meditation For You?

‘Meditation’ is so general a word it is best defined by what it is not. Meditation now means a form of attention exercise for wellbeing. Mediation is not thinking through possibilities, judgements, opinions or even reacting to facts. The exercise is focusing on acceptance and being rather than on doing. Instead of the common belief… [Read more]

This Is Why Religious Believers Live Longer

Believers do live longer. Healthy centenarians in the world’s oldest populations do have faith. The Sardinians and Nicoyans are mostly Catholic. Okinawans have a blended religion that stresses ancestor worship. Loma Linda centenarians are Seventh Day Adventists. Ikarians have traditionally been Greek Orthodox. All belong to religious communities. The simple act of worship is one… [Read more]

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