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Why Self Help Is Self Sabotage

Time again we hear how scientific research has revealed ways we can be healthier, productive, happier, energetic, attractive, successful. Though in such appeals to make our lives better we implicitly admit our lives are inadequate as they are. In such appeals we create a long-term search and formulate goals to find solutions to many problems;… [Read more]

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a psychology buzzword, buzzing around the internet and from some lips. But what is it? ‘Emotional intelligence’ is a phrase invented by Michael Bledoche in 1964, theoriesd by Yale Professor Peter Salovey in the 1980s, and popularised by Daniel Coleman in the 1990s. The term describes the ability to understand and handle… [Read more]

The Secret to Success is Quitting

You might think that to succeed you have to put all your time and effort into succeeding. “Work hard; get paid”. Persistence will be rewarded. But research shows you might be wrong. As behavioural economists have indicated—each hour of life is a trade-off. The people that try hardest to succeed in everything they do are… [Read more]

How To Change Your Life

I want to change, because I repeat loops without progressing. The same stuff comes up, and the same goals pass me by without me enacting them: “the wise woman does at once what the foolish does at last.” To simplify matters, the four human drives are work-pleasure, physical exertion, social status, and love. Almost any… [Read more]

What Makes A Good Career?

What makes people happy at work is bound to vary because everyone is different. Generalisations of what people enjoy in a workplace, though, and why they choose to do what they do are bound to have some evidence-based reliability. Intuitively, we all know that someone will like a job and find it fulfilling if we… [Read more]

How To Study Like Scientists

Would you like to learn or study better? To study like successful students, scientists and professionals do? I would: I’d save a lot of time. Education expert Dr Oakley flunked maths and science at school and become a linguist instead. After joining the United States army, she was forced into electronics classes which switched her… [Read more]

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