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Everyone Should Sing

Sing, sing, sing all you want. We each grow up patterned by circumstance: each of us learned, not at one point but, at successive subtle points that there are singers and then there are listeners. Most of us are the listeners. Yet this listener and singer arrangement is abnormal, rare with all societies ever taken… [Read more]

What Is Your Attachment Style?

Securely attached love and trust quite easily and second naturedly. Anxious attached strive for intimacy with others but are rife with fears, anxieties and disappointments which tragically can make such worries a reality through misplaced, and counter-intuitive, passive-aggressive behaviour. Avoidant attached tend to avoid closeness because they feel too vulnerable. It is far breezier to… [Read more]

How To Get Luckier

‘Luck’ is rarely credited for successes or failures. If someone said they went on a date but it went badly because of “bad luck” we would think them self-deluding. If Bill Gates said he made his fortune because of luck, we would think him immodestly modest. (Although the date may have had a bad mood… [Read more]

On The Meaning Of Life

The Meaning of Life is pretty unfashionable. Mention it and it will be received as a joke or a naivete. The notion is unfashionable because religion is in decline and science has explained away most of life’s mysteries as being the result of evolutionary survival or byproducts of survival and reproduction. The Meaning of Life,… [Read more]

How To Be An Optimist

Would you rather have an optimistic doctor? Good question. You’d rather they had reason to be optimistic. If, by optimistic you mean they think everything will work out fine without consulting objective evidence, then no. Would you want an optimistic soldier? If they think the campaign is going swimmingly so reframe their situation as fine… [Read more]

The Fake Science of Extrovert or Introvert

We love friends, family, and lovers yet some of us find company oppressive. The chit-chat drain of entertaining others, and maintaining banter and good-humour by giving out smiles and laughs and obeying the law that you must make noises with the mouth in response to other noises to relieve the silence, is inessential and a… [Read more]

How To Predict A Lasting Marriage

Relationships are most important. The rest of life, work and your self-study or self-play, serves your relationships. What you are is the product of what your attention has been trained onto through your life; who you are is the product of who you spend your time with. Neuroscience has confirmed that: your brain learns how… [Read more]

14 Reasons To Leave The Internet

Live a year without the internet. Is that even possible, now? As happy as we are to speak of freedom, for you the idea of freeing yourself from your tendril of the world wide web, your phone, or your learned self-ambitions is no idea at all — no ‘choice’ at all. This is because, most often, people… [Read more]

How To Slow Perceived Time

There are two times, there is the chronological time that eats away at our world and bodies, changing its form as entropy works its magic, and there is the psychological time that jumps back and forward through chronological time, forgetting the majority of chronology for the most salient memories—which change every time they are remembered;… [Read more]

This Is Why Religious Believers Live Longer

Believers do live longer. Healthy centenarians in the world’s oldest populations do have faith. The Sardinians and Nicoyans are mostly Catholic. Okinawans have a blended religion that stresses ancestor worship. Loma Linda centenarians are Seventh Day Adventists. Ikarians have traditionally been Greek Orthodox. All belong to religious communities. The simple act of worship is one… [Read more]

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