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When Did We Start ‘Having Sex’?

One of the most interesting discoveries from reading about medieval sexuality is how sex is discussed, then and now. While colloquially some say dirty (dirty = out of place) words like ‘bang’, ‘pound’, and ‘fuck’ as verbs one subject does to an object, nowadays we say we have sex or make love. Sex with two… [Read more]

The Neuroscience of Music

Following on from my post about the oldest song in History, I have mined This Is Your Brain On Music by the cognitive neuroscientist, music producer and musician Daniel J. Levitin. I have made a playlist of all the relevant songs he uses which can be listened to for free here. I made it because… [Read more]

This Is The Oldest Song In History

This is the oldest song in existence that you can hear reconstructed now. It was written by a grieving musician named Seikilos 2000 years ago, and composed in honour of a dead loved one. 2000 years ago means it could well be from the time of Jesus but is probably from 200 years after his… [Read more]

Is The World Getting Better? Do We Need An Enlightenment Now?

There are more slaves than there ever has been therefore the world is worse than it ever has been. That is my parodic example of oversimple and overgeneral Pinker-logic. Wasn’t it Albert Einstein that once said “not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Actually, it was the… [Read more]

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a psychology buzzword, buzzing around the internet and from some lips. But what is it? ‘Emotional intelligence’ is a phrase invented by Michael Bledoche in 1964, theoriesd by Yale Professor Peter Salovey in the 1980s, and popularised by Daniel Coleman in the 1990s. The term describes the ability to understand and handle… [Read more]

The Real Robot Takeover: The Singularity

The Singularity is the exciting term for when artificial intelligence rivals human intelligence. It is used in dystopian fictions time again as a source of entertainment, but it is a possible, many argue a probable, reality. Indeed, the most basic artificial intelligence runs the online web and stock markets. The development of more intelligent artificial… [Read more]

What Makes A Good Career?

What makes people happy at work is bound to vary because everyone is different. Generalisations of what people enjoy in a workplace, though, and why they choose to do what they do are bound to have some evidence-based reliability. Intuitively, we all know that someone will like a job and find it fulfilling if we… [Read more]

How To Learn A Language, Scientifically

Learning a language will take years, but it can be made quicker. Learn everyday for a short while and the neurons wire and reinforce themselves through cross-wiring and myelination. Do for longer than a shorter while, say two hours instead of 20 minutes, and expect higher returns sooner. But before you begin your venture consider… [Read more]

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