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Pleasure Videos and ASMR

The first time you felt the tingles, you never thought it was strange. At the time, tingles to you just meant some pleasant albeit peculiar sensation related to puberty. You had asked before if others felt hormones going up and down their legs, or as most often happens, down the cranium to the shins in… [Read more]

Playlist: A Brief History of British Rock

We have read about the the neuroscience of music and researched the songs that inspired The Beatles’ success. Now here is a brief, and happily biased, history of brilliant British rock. From the 60s British invasion bands The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Kinks, to psychedelic, Peter Green blues, to glam, progressive, punk, heavy metal,… [Read more]

How To Slow Perceived Time

There are two times, there is the chronological time that eats away at our world and bodies, changing its form as entropy works its magic, and there is the psychological time that jumps back and forward through chronological time, forgetting the majority of chronology for the most salient memories—which change every time they are remembered;… [Read more]

Your Life and Spaces

“Space itself, in the western experience, has a history, and one cannot fail to take note of this inevitable interlocking of time with space.” As time, change, proceeds without a clock so does space exist without our awareness—the landmasses of Australia and America existed without awareness for centuries. The first waves of human species, Homo… [Read more]

When Did We Start ‘Having Sex’?

One of the most interesting discoveries from reading about medieval sexuality is how sex is discussed, then and now. While colloquially some say dirty (dirty = out of place) words like ‘bang’, ‘pound’, and ‘fuck’ as verbs one subject does to an object, nowadays we say we have sex or make love. Sex with two… [Read more]

The Neuroscience of Music

Following on from my post about the oldest song in History, I have mined This Is Your Brain On Music by the cognitive neuroscientist, music producer and musician Daniel J. Levitin. I have made a playlist of all the relevant songs he uses which can be listened to for free here. I made it because… [Read more]

This Is The Oldest Song In History

This is the oldest song in existence that you can hear reconstructed now. It was written by a grieving musician named Seikilos 2000 years ago, and composed in honour of a dead loved one. 2000 years ago means it could well be from the time of Jesus but is probably from 200 years after his… [Read more]

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